White with Stripes Bonnet (Fits 32 - 38 cm dolls / 12 - 15 inch)

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Make your little one's day with this divine doll's outfit today. Our dolls clothing is super adorable and of amazing quality, will absolutely melt your heart. 

Gorgeous handmade Linen and cotton fabric doll's bonnet, so well made! Lined on the inside with cotton matching fabric , long lasting!

Fits dolls from 32 cm up to 38 cm / 12 - 15 inch , our Miniland doll, Paola Reina Gordis and similar.

Handmade with love in Europe. 

Material: 100 %  Linen & Cotton.


Dolls have been a fixture in dramatic play centers for decades. Despite changing doll styles, experienced teachers continue to recommend simple and realistic dolls for pretend play.

How can you use dolls to support children’s learning and development? When you buy dolls, what do you look for? Playing with dolls is basic to dramatic play. The roots of make-believe begin between 12 and 18 months of age. During this time, children start to use objects as symbols and imitate behaviors. True doll play begins about age 2. Toddlers begin to talk to dolls, feed them, and tuck them into bed. Later children assume roles for themselves, beginning with the most familiar, mommy and daddy. They use dolls to act out family and school roles.

Pretend play, of which dolls are a part, benefits all areas of development. By dressing and feeding dolls, children enhance fine-motor skills. By assuming roles and interacting with the dolls, they practice language and social skills, including sharingcooperationhelping, and problem solving. They learn the different roles people play and begin to see their own place in the world.

Children have a fundamental need to bring the large, loud world into manageable size. Pretend play gives a child “a miniature world of downsized objects and people where she is they are easily manipulable".

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