Doll's hexagonal glasses

Doll's hexagonal glasses

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How cute are these sweet doll glasses with hexagonal shape and a brown smoke glass, to complement our beautiful doll collection of accessories? Super stylish for your favourite dolls! Learn through play empathy with this glasses, help your child emapathise with each other.

*We have three types to choose, round black frame, rose gold and exagonal brown glasses.

Playing with dolls helps kids of all genders learn empathy and practice social skills. While playing with dolls, a part of the brain in the children is activated, which is associated with social information processing, such as empathy. (It is activated "far less" while they play with tablets.)

Doll play elicit this type of effect because dolls "naturally encourage children to create their own social worlds". So, even when playing on their own, children might recreate situations from their lives or create their own scenarios to act out and resolve.

Facilitating opportunities to practice empathy is particularly important during the pandemic when many children are still isolated from friends and relatives.

Size: 10 cm width. It fits well in dolls 38 cm with hair, otherwise they are a bit big. Great for dolls 38-40 + cm approx. 

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