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I feel that childhood might just be the most important time in a person's life. A time that shapes who we become in the future. So, they say, let our children roam, let them be free both discovering the world but also their minds, playing with their imagination and their creativity. 

Having spent my whole life around the most beautiful baby and children clothes in Spain, I knew exactly what style I wanted to dress my children in when I had them, even though I was living in Australia.

The Spanish children clothes are beautiful timeless pieces with lovely details. In the details we found passion. From sweet cotton knitwear for babies to adorable handmade smoke dresses for girls, or smart shirts for boys.

Fun and elegant, with patterns and design that help children discover fantasy worlds and adventures,but at the same time are comfortable to wear and do not limit them in their movements. 

The style I love is made up of Peter Pan collared button down shirts, knit cardigans, romantic girl's dresses with lace and ruffles, frilly baby white dresses etc. The Spanish wear is actually quite difficult to come across in Australia, so I decided to start my own Baby and Children boutique with the name of my daughter, Olivia Ann.

After long hours searching I managed to find some providers and soon I started doing orders of these amazing little outfits. We truly cherish these partnerships and feel so proud to be able to work with them. An artisan process which develops beautiful pieces for everyday wear. A production that takes all good things.

The idea was to be able to bring to Australia beautiful pieces with a reasonable price point. Offering high quality, sustainable clothing keeping the traditional Spanish style affordable. Better quality materials means warmer, longer lasting clothes that even improve with wear.

Timeless clothing kids can wear to a party as well as to the playground. Because there is no distinction between playground and party wear. Spanish children are always well dressed, it is part of our culture ;) .

 In Olivia Ann we transform fashion to our style, creating an endless amount of possibilities you would have never imagined before... You can shop some beautiful pieces here, every item is made in Spain and designed to last.  



Olivia Ann



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