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OLIVIA ANN “Derby” Brogue Boots - Tan

OLIVIA ANN “Derby” Brogue Boots - Tan

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Stunning Brogue Boots in Tan buttery Leather! Made with the finest locally sourced leather. UNISEX.

Crafted by one of the oldest shoemakers families in Spain. A family tradition that has passed thorough generations for the last three centuries and they stand out for the HIGH QUALITY of its creations! Ethical and Sustainable 🌿.

Podiatrist approved! Incredible attention to detail, Because the child foot health is our priority :) 

The most important part of any child’s outfit is their shoes, any problem with the shoes can cause damage to growing feet that can cause trouble even into adulthood.

It is estimated that the average child will take one million steps in them! 🌱

Composition: 100% finest leather. Handmade in Spain.

(This measurements are from the outside of the shoe. Shoe sizing guide: Place your child's foot on a piece of paper. Make sure your child is putting weight on the foot being measured. Mark the heel and where your child's longest toe reaches. Add 1 to 1.5 cm (0.5-0.6 inch) for wiggle room and growth. Take measurement of the other foot. Make sure to go with the size of the longer foot! Always go with the bigger size when in between sizes or when in doubt.)


Size EU 24 - 16 cm.

Size EU 26 - 17 cm.

Size EU 28 - 18 cm.

Size EU 30 - 19 cm.