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Doll Wooden Accessories Set 2 (Pink & White)

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This wooden doll accessories set has an incredible delicacy and softness that we adore! Enhance their play time with our beautiful handcrafted in natural wood dolls Accessories Set. The Set number 1 in Pink and White contains:

* 1 x dummy with lovely cotton bow

* 1 x baby bottle

*1 x baby milk shake 

*1 x comb

So beautifully made, this will last a lifetime.

By dressing and feeding dolls, children enhance fine-motor skills. 

It has been proven that playing with dolls helps kids of all genders learn empathy and practice social skills. While playing with dolls, a part of the brain is activated a lot more than when playing with tablets! This part of the brain is associated with social information processing, such as empathy. By assuming roles and interacting they practice language and social skills, including sharing, cooperation, helping and problem solving.

 Its the perfect tool for a big sister in training and how to care for her new sibling coming or to recreate situations from their lives or create their own scenarios to act out and resolve.

Handcrafted in Europe.

Material: Wood- Beech and solid birch wood (natural wood or partially covered with a water-based color and coconut).

Wood is naturally antibacterial and are easy to keep clean. Simply wipe the toy over with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.



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